Turkey and the strengthening of Islamic identity and the coming to power of the Muslim rulers of the movement is growing stronger by living a soft revolution. These developments are being followed with concern by Western powers and dominated against a team to Turkey in political, economic, military and mediatic operations are carried out. Anti-terrorist struggle is even the use of force against Turkey being transformed into political issues.
The Armenian Issue to damage the reputation of Turkey’s efforts are being made to appear as a genocide. 
In particular, the countries accusing Turkey of genocide is genocide existing files rather fluffy. Nobody should forget that Muslims can not commit genocide because of their beliefs. The Muslims of the Ottoman Nation, a Muslim nation, have been living peacefully and peacefully for six Hundred years. The event that took place in the First World War is a deportation that occurs within the conditions of war. Efforts of Turkey to the Western imperialist powers also consists of attempts to portray themselves as criminals.

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